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BOSCH Toploader Washing Machine - 13 kg - Silver Inox - WOE135S0ZA

BOSCH Toploader Washing Machine - 13 kg - Silver Inox - WOE135S0ZA

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BOSCH Toploader Washing Machine - 13 kg - Silver Inox - WOE135S0ZA

Bosch Toploader Washing Machines make life easier for you as they do it for the life of the appliance. Thanks to the automatic programmes, they're not only clear and simple to operate, but they also provide the best results with the lowest levels of consumption.

Product Features:

  • Programmes: Drum Clean, Pre-Soak programme, Quick Wash, air dry, Memory 1, Normal, Soft, Strong
  • Reload Function: allows you simply add missed out clothes or remove clothes even during a wash cycle. Just pause the running cycle and open the door, to simply reload your forgotten items into the drum and continue the wash.
  • PowerWave Pus: best washing results and maximum textile care through the innovative design of the impeller and a highly dynamic water flow.
  • 24h delay Start: greater flexibility thanks to freely selectable program start delay (24 h).
  • Easy Start: easy start by only touching one button. The machine automatically detects how much laundry is loaded and choses the right program.
  • Memory Program: personal preferences concerning the program setting (e.g. water level, rinse time, spin time) can be saved and easily reactivated.
  • Lint filter: filters lint effectively and is easy to clean

    Product Specifications:

    • Power Rating: 600W
    • Max. spin speed: 680 rpm
    • Capacity: Drum volume: 85L / 13kg 
    • Size: 975mm x 601mm x 630mm
    • Weight: 42.964 kg

    Brand: Bosch Code: WOE135S0ZA


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    Size: 45mm x 590mm x 520mm

    Weight:14.104 kg

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