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BOSCH 600mm x 600mm Built-In Multi-Function Oven - Black - Series 8 - HBG7563B1

BOSCH 600mm x 600mm Built-In Multi-Function Oven - Black - Series 8 - HBG7563B1

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BOSCH 600mm x 600mm Built-In Multi-Function Oven - Black - Series 8 - HBG7563B1


When intuitive meets digital.

With our Digital Control Ring, operating your oven is not only easier but is also more innovative. Instead of rotary knobs, you intuitively adjust your oven settings directly on the control panel using just your index finger. Simply move your finger across the ring engraved on the control panel and confirm the desired setting with your fingertip.


Puts your food on display.

The innovative Digital Control Ring makes cooking easier than ever. With a slight turn of the engraved centre ring, you can adjust any of your oven’s settings with just one finger. You’re supported by the full-surface, high-resolution, plain-text TFT touchscreen and directly selectable buttons. Clear images and info texts on and inside the Control Ring assist you through each step as you navigate in the menu. Thust, you always have a complete overview and full control over your oven.


Fry this at home.

Why not make your own potato crisps? Or make crisps out of fresh vegetables instead of potatoes? Simply place thinly sliced potatoes or other vegetables on the fine-mesh Air Fry tray, add a little oil, and select the Air Fry function, and soon you’ll be comfortably snacking in front of the TV. And here’s another tip: You can also use the Air Fry function to prepare small grilled dishes. The Air Fry tray (HEZ629070) is available as an accessory.


Baking with intelligence.

Never before has baking been so simple. Select a dish, like “Muffins”, press Start and your oven takes over from there. The best part: thanks to artificial intelligence and the Baking Sensor measuring the humidity inside your oven you can see how many minutes are left until your dish is ready to serve. To enjoy PerfectBake Plus, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.


Roasting with intelligence.

For roast beef, fish and chicken, timing is everything. PerfectRoast Plus is a meat probe that uses three measuring points to check the temperature. When the selected internal core temperature is reached, your dish is roasted perfectly. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the oven can tell you how many minutes are left until your dish is ready. To enjoy PerfectRoast Plus, just connect your oven to your Home Connect account and the Meat Probe Assistant suggests you the best oven setting to you.


Pyrolytic self-cleaning: automatically cleans the oven.

Cleaning the oven by hand can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Our ovens with pyrolytic self-cleaning system let you say goodbye to this unpopular chore once and for all. Just select the feature, press “Start” and, depending on the degree of soiling, your oven heats up to 480°C, burning away grease or food residue – no chemicals needed. Once the oven has cooled down, simply wipe out the bit of ash and you’re done. So you can enjoy more time savouring the results and less time cleaning up.

Product Features:

  • Digital Control Ring: the simple and innovative way to select oven settings.
  • Air Fry Function with tray: for perfectly fried foods, such as vegetables and chips.
  • Thanks to Air Fry Grill Tray, you can cook healthier foods using less fat.
  • TFT Touch Display: easy control thanks to an innovative Digital Control Ring and TFT touchscreen.
  • Home Connect Features - iService Remote, Remote Monitoring and Control
  • Cooking methods: 
    • Air fry,
    • Bottom heat,
    • Conventional heat gentle,
    • Conventional top and bottom heat,
    • Defrost setting,
    • Full width grill,
    • Half width grill,
    • Hold warm,
    • Hot Air,
    • Hotair gentle,
    • Hot air grilling,
    • Low temperature cooking,
    • Pizza setting,
    • Pre-heating
  • Included accessories:
    • 1 x enamel baking tray,
    • 1 x combination grid,
    • 1 x universal pan,
    • 1 x Air Fry & Grill tray
  • Color / Material Front: Black / Stainless steel
  • Door Material: Full Glass inner door 
  • Temperature range 30°C - 300°C

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions of the product (mm) 595 mm x 594 mm x 548 mm
  • Net weight (kg) 34.8 kg 
  • Usable Cavity Volume: 71L
  • Energy Rating: A+

    Brand: BOSCH Code: HBG7341B1M


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