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FALCO 90cm Downdraft Extractor - Built-in / Countertop - FAL-90-DDG

FALCO 90cm Downdraft Extractor - Built-in / Countertop - FAL-90-DDG

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FALCO 90cm Downdraft Extractor - Built-in / Countertop - FAL-90-DDG

The FALCO 90cm Downdraft Extractor is an elegant and stylish countertop extractor system that comes with 2 LED lights and touch controls for convenient operation. It is unbranded and finished in black glass & stainless steel making it ideal for combination with any brand of panorama 90cm hob. 

 It gets rid of cooking odours and steams quickly and quietly allowing you to have a better kitchen environment effortlessly

Product Features:

  • Hood Type: Countertop - It is designed to be built into an island unit behind your hob as it rises up from the countertop at the touch of a button when it is required. When the extractor isn’t in use and is hidden under the counter you have the benefit of a larger work surface which is ideal when space is at a premium.
  • VENTILATION: External Ducting / Re-circulated Air Operation. This model boasts an impressive extraction rate of between 380m³ per hour at the 1st speed and 850m³ per hour at the 4th speed extraction rate and can be either ducted out or recirculated using optional charcoal filters.
  • MOTOR: Body in Plastic/ Blades Plastic
  • CONTROL: Slide Touch Control
  • FAN SPEED: 4
  • TYPE OF FILTERS: Aluminium x 1 / Carbon Cloth Filter x 1
  • ACCESSORIES: Extendable Ducting Hose (2m)

Product Specifications:

  • Power Rating: W
  • Extraction Rate: 380m³/hr (1st Speed), 850m³/hr (4th Speed)
  • Noise Level: 53.0 dB (Min), 59.0 dB (Max)
  • Size: 335mm x 966mm x 115mm
  • Packaging: 965mm(W) x 490mm(H) x 805mm(D)
  • Weight: Net: 28.5kg Gross: 34.5kg

Brand: Falco Code: FAL-90-DDG



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Size: 45mm x 590mm x 520mm

Weight:14.104 kg

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