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5kW Off Grid Solar Kit 2 - ECO - (PV Panels, Inverter & Lithium Ion Battery)

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5kW Off Grid Solar Kit 2 - Eco - (PV Panels, Inverter & Lithium Ion Battery)

This is a Off-Grid / Hybrid Inverter, Lithium Ion Battery and Solar Panels Complete Kit - rated 5kW/7kWh Storage

It comprises of:
1. Kodak Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII - 5kw - 48v
2. 6 x Kodak 335w Polycrystalline PV Panels (Large Wafer)
3. Pylontech PylonTech US3000 3.5kwh Lithium-Ion Battery


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Size: 45mm x 590mm x 520mm

Weight:14.104 kg

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