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BOSCH Food Processor / Kitchen Machine MultiTalent 3 - 800W - White - MCM3200W

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BOSCH Food Processor / Kitchen Machine MultiTalent 3 - 800W - White - MCM3200W

Also known as the Kitchen Machine MultiTalent 3, this BOSCH Food Processor is a compact and versatile kitchen assistant with more than 30 functions which makes cooking and baking easier and even more fun.

Product Features:

  • MultiTalent, more than 30 functions: chopping, grating, mixing, and much more
  • 2 Speed settings and pulse function
  • MultiLevel6 knife with 3 double blades makes this food processor produce consistently good results as ingredients are chopped precisely, shakes and smoothies mixed.
  • SmartStorage: Compact I-shape design allows for the storage of standard accessories directly in the bowl leaving a smaller appliance footprint.
  • Durable Accessories  included: (Shatterproof, Taste, and Odor-free) :
    • 2.3 L Transparent plastic mixing bowl for 500 g flour + ingredients (max 0.8kg of dough mixture) incl lid
    • Polycarbonate liquidiser (1 L capacity), suitable to crush ice
    • Reversible slicing (thick and thin) and reversible grating (coarse and fine)
      stainless steel discs 
    • Beating disc for whipped cream and egg whites

Product Specifications:

  • Power Rating: 800W
  • Capacity: Mixing Bowl: 2.3L, Liquidiser: 1L
  • Size: 375mm x 220mm x 260mm
  • Weight: 3.462 kg

Brand: Bosch Code: MCM3200W


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Size: 45mm x 590mm x 520mm

Weight:14.104 kg

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