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BOSCH Series 8 Built-in Compact Microwave Oven 60 x 45 cm Black CMG7241B1

BOSCH Series 8 Built-in Compact Microwave Oven 60 x 45 cm Black CMG7241B1

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Select your dish – the oven does the rest.
Not sure which oven setting to choose? The Assist Function is here to help. Simply select the dish you’re cooking in the control panel, and your oven does the rest. The ideal heating mode, as well as temperature and preparation time, are all set automatically. Perfection at the push of a button.

When intuitive meets digital.
With our Digital Control Ring, operating your oven is not only easier but is also more innovative. Instead of rotary knobs, you intuitively adjust your oven settings directly on the control panel using just your index finger. Simply move your finger across the ring engraved on the control panel and confirm the desired setting with your fingertip.

Fry this at home.

Why not make your own potato crisps? Or make crisps out of fresh vegetables instead of potatoes? Simply place thinly sliced potatoes or other vegetables on the fine-mesh Air Fry tray, add a little oil, and select the Air Fry function, and soon you’ll be comfortably snacking in front of the TV. And here’s another tip: You can also use the Air Fry function to prepare small grilled dishes. The Air Fry tray (HEZ629070) is available as an accessory.

The gentle way of cooking.

Do you want to save energy while cooking? With Hotair Gentle, we’ve improved the heating mode that’s most commonly used in households. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity, which can help save energy. When baking on a single level – such as small baked goods, cakes in tins or cakes on a baking tray – no preheating is necessary.

Cooking method
Air fry, Bottom heat, Circulating air, Conventional heat gentle, Conventional top and bottom heat, Full width grill, Half width grill, Hotair gentle, Hot air grilling, Microwave, pre-heating.

Product Specifications:

  • Microwave function: for quick warming up or for fast cooking in combination with hot air.
  • TFT display control: easy-to-use thanks to the control ring with full text and symbols.
  • LED lighting: perfect illumination of foods with minimum energy consumption.
  • Drop Down door with SoftOpen and SoftClose: the oven door opens and closes gently and quietly
  • Color / Material Front: Stainless steel
  • Door Material: Glass door with hinged door 
  • Cooking Methods:
    •  4D hot air
    • Full-width grill
    • Half-width grill
    • Hot Air-Eco
    • Hot air grilling
    • Microwave pre-heating
  • Temperature Range: 30°C - 275°C

  • Maximum power: 900W

  • 5 Microwave power settings (W): 90, 180, 360, 600, 900 with Inverter (W)

Product Specifications:

  • Product Dimension: 455 mm x 595 mm x 548mm
  • Net weight (kg) 35.527 kg
  • Usable Cavity Volume: 45L

Brand: Bosch. Code: CMG7241B1


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Size: 45mm x 590mm x 520mm

Weight:14.104 kg

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